The Covid-19 led lockdown took away the pleasure I experienced from travelling the world, exploring new places and connecting with beautiful people I met during my trips. Being a travel, food and culture writer, travelling isn’t just an indispensable part of my life but something that feeds my soul. I realised that the pandemic wouldn’t allow me to board a flight for a few months at least. I needed an outlet for my travel ache. Hence, I picked up my paintbrush in order to bring alive some wonderful memories from my journeys around the globe.

I started painting some of my favourite landscapes from different parts of the world. For those few hours I spend painting every week, I am mentally transported to a beautiful destination and that simply brightens my day and uplifts my mood. 

“As I play with my paintbrush, several moving moments from my travels come flashing in front of my eyes and they truly warm my heart. The process is unbelievably magical and therapeutic”

I have always been a creative person. Earlier, I worked with oil on canvas. Also, painted chairs at home, giving them a rustic feel and transformed old cutting boards into blackboards using paint. I’d hang these mini blackboards as decor pieces in my kitchen. However, the lockdown gave me an opportunity to pick up my paintbrush again, after nine long years. I paint as and when I get some time as I like to enjoy the process and not rush into creating one painting after another. I want to be deeply and mindfully involved in my art. The medium is Pen and wash, using watercolours. I like the transparency, elegance and subtlety that watercolours offer.

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