Weekend getaways often work like quick breathers from our monotonous, automated schedules. For the Independence Day (August 15) long weekend, we chose to stay at Bohemyan Blue Stay, Alibaug…


Here’s an express review of the property:


PLUS POINTS: Located near Kihim Beach, Bohemyan Blue Stay is a beautiful property with tented accommodation amid greenery and beautiful, natural surroundings.


Warm and inviting, all tents are air-conditioned and boast of rustic, bohemian decor.


The private sit out area is the perfect place to unwind with a book and cup of coffee. Little lotus ponds, gardens with colourful, blooming flowers and ample greenery make you want to stay for longer.

Lack of good service is a major drawback here. The staff is warm and friendly,  but unprofessional. They have local women running around the property, cleaning the tents, serving as receptionists and, at times, even dishing out food from the kitchen. Lack of security and adequate parking facilities further only add dismay.
Cloudy water in the swimming pool signals poor water filtration; can dampen your plans of taking a dip.


Bohemyan Blue Stay has its own little cafe that has a limited menu, but prices hardly match the portion size. Their tariff is inclusive of breakfast, but again, you don’t have too many options. Their regular breakfast consists of eggs (to order), fruits, tea/coffee, poha/upma/idli/ and toasted bread. What’s more: your order can take hours to reach the table.

VERDICT: A great place to relax, Bohemyan Blue stay gets a thumbs up for their well-done tents, gorgeous surroundings and homely vibes. But if your idea of a memorable weekend getaway is enjoying flawless service and indulging in delicious food (in a budget), get ready for some disappointment.


Tariff: Rs 5,500 (approx) per night, inclusive of breakfast

How to get there: A drive of around 120 km from Mumbai, you can opt for NH 79 and NH 66 routes. However, the roads are in bad shape, so be prepared for a bumpy four-hour ride. Most importantly, leave home well before time (early mornings, preferably) to avoid Mumbai traffic.


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