While you may undoubtedly visit the picturesque Alps and sample deliciously popular Swiss cheese and chocolates, you are likely to miss out on an opportunity to experience traditional countryside life in Switzerland. On my recent trip to the Central European country, I uncovered the adorably quaint Hinter Musegg in the middle of the delightful little city of Lucerne, and it touched all my senses.

Pic by Micha Eicher

Every road in Switzerland gives you a thousand photo opportunities and this isn’t an overstatement. While it does take a good amount of walking to reach this mini farm nestled just beyond the town walls, you are likely to lap up every moment of the stride as the setting on both sides leaves you in awe.

On my way to the farm

What’s truly wonderful about this place is the fact that it gives you true taste of village life in spite of being just minutes from the heart of the city.

IMG_1593 (2)


Organically run by Pia and Walter Fasbind, the mini farm has a lot to keep you busy as well as happy. And if you’re bringing your kinds along, they are sure to have a lovely time.

Pic by Micha Eicher

Pia loves her little family of animals. That’s obvious from the way she greets each by name and with an affectionate pat.

DSC02716 (2)

Meet the highland cattle grazing in the meadow, feed the quirky alpacas some hay, play with the gullible goats and caress the cute dwarf pigs. And if you happen to fall for one of them, you can willingly sponsor their upbringing for a year.

Say “Hi!” to these quirky alpacas. They are a domesticated species of camelid

You can also learn to make apple cider as Pia guides you through the process. It isn’t that tough. Grate around 15 to 20 juicy Swiss apples, add them to the cider maker and watch the juice  spurting out. Lastly, you get to relish the outcome of your hard work!

Hay making, fruit gleaning and weeding are other activities that allow you to interact with nature in a playful way!

In the cultivated area of 2.4 hectares, you can spot 43 mature trees including cherry, apple, pear, medlar and chestnut.

IMG_1600 (2)


After all the action, you can settle down at Pickling – little food joint housed on the premises of the farm – for a quiet lunch.

Pic by Micha Eicher

Order a glass of chilled homemade beer, brewed in their own microbrewery and satiate your taste buds with a plate of Swiss Rosti with sausage and onions. Farm-fresh, warming Hay Soup is a must-try!


IMG_1679 (2)

If you’ve got some time on your hands, you can also assist the farm staff in the kitchen. Isn’t this a wonderful way to learn some Swiss-style cooking?


Bring back quality organic produce from the farm shop that stocks a good variety of jams, jellies, sauces, herbs, garden teas, vinegar, handmade wool and more. I picked up a bottle each of apricot and berry jams and they were fresh and finger-licking good!


Capture the best panoramic views of Lucerne city by visiting the Nine Towers, located just a few steps away from the farm. Lined perfectly in a row, they are also known by the name, Museggtürme, and were built in the time period between 1350 and 1408. Four of the Musegg Towers are open to the public; the Zytturm in particular is well worth a visit, for it houses the city’s oldest clock, built in 1535 by Hans Luter. This clock is allowed to chime every hour one minute before all the other city clocks.

IMG_0887 (2)
From the three publicly accessible towers, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the city of Lucerne, the surrounding mountains and the lake.


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