Years ago, Antwerp established itself as a hot bed for diamonds and avant garde fashion, but it isn’t just a place to buy your engagement ring and shop for trousseau. The city is blooming in a million forms – from cuisine to culture, art to architecture and ideas to innovation. The infrastructure here makes it easy to reach most places on foot or bike around. To uncover its true essence, saunter the streets near the port or sit quietly at the riverfront for some people watching.

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If you just have a day to go around this Flemish city, here’s a map to help you make the most of it:

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How to stay fit on a vacation


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Ditch bus, train and taxi. Walk it instead. Walking is a great form of exercise, and above all, helps you save a lot of money when you are out sightseeing. While burning loads of calories, walking also helps you go deep into the local culture, people, food and music.

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Forget shopping, full-moon parties and tacky, jam-packed beaches, there is so much more to explore in and around Phuket, if you know where to look.

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There are very few places in the world that feel like home and Thailand is one of them. Whether you’re a tired soul wanting to rejuvenate solo, bunch of friends hunting for a fun holiday spot or just another couple looking for ‘romance on a budget’, Phuket is that one destination where you may end up taking an impulsive trip. And if you think it’s ordinary only because it’s closer to home, you’re wrong. What you derive and discover on your travels simply depends on how much you wander without a stuffy itinerary and how profoundly you connect with the locals. Don’t race into a list of tourist traps; take it slow and delve deeper into local food and culture to uncover the unexpected. Lose yourself in Phuket to find a new you.

Make Kamala Beach your home

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Once a fisherman’s village, Kamala boasts of a humble, laid-back vibe

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To describe Zakopane in three simple words, you can easily call it ‘heaven on earth’. Here’s more about the little country town – situated in the shadows of the Tatra mountains – in Southern Poland.

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Even before you reach this modest peasant resort town, you want time to slow down and gradually come to a standstill. The scenic road route from Krakow to Zakopane is enough to keep you up throughout the two-hour journey. What you see on both sides are little picturesque hills bespeckled with pine trees and country-like mustard-brown wooden chalets – topography that’s bright and yellow-green in summer and buried in purple-white snow during winter months. In front of you, the view of the towering Tatra mountains – that seem to come closer as you progress towards your destination – is spectacular. And once you’re there, all you wish to do is stand and stare at what lies in front of you and take deeper breaths to feel the unadulterated air.

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