It’s really hard to not love a place that offers the three most delicious things in the world – chocolates, waffles and beer.

Even before I booked my tickets to Belgium, I already had my chocolate-crazy friends making special requests to get them all possible varieties of Belgian dark chocolates. And this made me even more curious about what these oh-so-special “Belgium Chocolates” tasted like.

My romantic rendezvous with Belgian dark chocolate began the very moment I landed at Brussels airport. One of our co-travellers was yet to arrive and we decided to kill time by sipping a cup of hot chocolate at a trendy coffee bar. For a perpetual dark chocolate lover like me, it was almost close to experiencing one of life’s greatest joys.

Whirling it in my mouth, I could easily distinguish the Belgian choco drink from any other I’d had before. Decadently rich. Smooth in texture. And just the right amount of sweetness; nothing less, nothing more.

But this was just the beginning. Not only did we have our elaborate chocolate tasting sessions at artisan chocolate shops in every city of the Flanders region, but also experienced a fun chocolate-making session with the quirky chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud. You got to see it to believe it…

IMG_20151105_161941 (3)
My first chocolate waffle on stick, coated with almond slivers
IMG_20151106_151241 (2)
Chocolate tasting at Chocolaterie Cédric Van Hoorebeke – a family-run Belgian chocolate shop established in 1982

IMG_20151106_151711 (2)

IMG_20151108_202516 (2)
Laurent Gerbaud is known to break away from the traditional flavours of Belgian artisan chocolate
IMG_20151108_203635 (2)
Behind the scenes
IMG_20151108_203326 (2)
Learning how to differentiate between cheap and high-quality chocolates
IMG_20151108_203359 (2)
And yes, we had them all. Death by chocolate, literally
IMG_20151108_204411 (2)
Being creative with the toppings – almonds, raisins, cranberries, candied ginger, cashews and more
Good-humoured Laurent made the whole chocolate-making experience a lot more fun with his detailed explanations
IMG_20151108_214812_1447007674503 (2)
And the chocolates are ready!
IMG_20151108_215122 (2)
Tempting, aren’t they?
IMG_20151108_215426 (2)
A small gift we took back home – chocolates we made during the workshop

In Belgium, it’s not just about buying chocolates. It’s about a whole series of different, diverse experiences; from visiting chocolate museums and going for chocolate walks to tastings with chocolatiers who are passionate about their craft and attending workshops where you can design your own chocolate.

Laurent Gerbaud chocolate store and workshop are located in Rue Ravenstein, Brussels, a stone’s throw from Place de Grand Sablon. You can book some chocolatey time with him to taste some of the most exotic chocolate flavours and know the secret to delicious chocolate making.
Fee for a workshop: €35 per person


  • I’ve been to Belgium twice now — most recently, last month. The chocolate-making workshop is a GREAT suggestion! Dark chocolate is my drug of choice. I also went on a charming day tour that left from Brugge called Quasimodo Tours – featuring beer, chocolate, and chateaux.


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