Every season has its own charm but the beauty of Autumn somehow leaves me speechless. Trees look radiant as they shun the greenery of summer and adopt the hues of fire – yellows, reds, browns and burnt oranges. This November, Belgium treated me to the most stunning fall foliage on the planet. I decided to simply sit in silence on a small wooden bench at the park opposite Leopold Hotel, Quinten Matsijslei 25 and submerge in the beauty of nature. The weather being just ideal, neither too chilly nor too warm, I wish I could sit there for hours staring at the landscape in idleness…

IMG_20151108_124408 (2)

IMG_20151108_124818_1446968935434 (2) IMG_20151108_125134 (2) IMG_20151108_125158 (2) IMG_20151108_125616 (2) IMG_20151108_125751 (2) IMG_20151108_130808 (2)


  • Loved your post, Shikha .
    Pictures speak volumes and your post has some awesome ones enhanced by a lucid write up. The warm colors of autumn takes one on a heartwarming journey indeed.
    Looking forward to reading and seeing more….to continue the journey.


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