Though my recent trip to Hong Kong was a brief one, it pretty much gave me a glimpse of the noodle town which is a unique blend of Chinese and British tastes. In case you didn’t know, Hong Kong was a British Colony till 1997. I wish I could stay a little longer and soak in the old-world charm of this arguably futuristic city with frenetic energy. Yes, beyond its soaring skyscrapers, high-end transportation modes, innumerable shopping malls and vibrant nightlife, lies a different world altogether. Go on a walking trail through its remote, rural bylanes and you’ll know what exactly I am talking about. What I just couldn’t get enough of was the variety of food here. From melt-in-mouth dimsums and iced jelly teas to egg tarts, noodle soup and green-tea ice-cream, the stunning array of delicacies available here will leave you in a state of bewilderment. I could extend my stay here and solely go on food tours for an entire week or two. Eat, eat and eat all the local treats till my tummy is about to explode!

For now, here’s my photostory of the city with heavenly food – Hong Kong

IMG_20150828_184441_HDR (2)The dazzling Hong Kong skyline from Harbour City – a mall located in the heart of Hong Kong alongside the beautiful Victoria Harbour

IMG_20150829_073745 (2)Lovingly known as Ding Ding, trams are the best way to experience the city. I climbed aboard one and sat on the upper deck for some fun city views

IMG_20150829_080918 (2)Hongkongers surely can’t do without their noodles and you’ll find these no-frills noodle shops at every nook and corner! They sell noodles in every size, flavour and texture and in a million different ways. I had this dish of rice noodles in tomato broth with some egg and boiled veggies on top! 

IMG_20150829_093236 (2)These bilingual signage make it a lot more easier to navigate!

IMG_20150829_102834 (2)A scenic, uphill tram ride takes you to The Peak Galleria which is located at the highest point of Hong Kong, more than 400 meters above the sea level. You’ll enjoy some great views if the weather isn’t too foggy!

IMG_20150829_101622 (2)You’ll come across a mini shopping complex at The Peak Galleria selling all kinds of jewellery, home decor, quirky pens, key chains, bags and a lot more. You can think buying a souvenir or two for your friends back home

IMG_20150829_133412_BURST2 (2)What you seriously can’t miss is enjoying the splendours of Hong Kong with a calming, leisurely ride on the hop-on-hop-off bus. Choose from 3 different sightseeing tour routes through Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Travel along the Hong Kong Island route, known as the Red Route, explore the Blue Route of Kowloon, or take the Green Route through Stanley Market. I took the green route and it was complete joy ride for me

IMG_20150829_144740 (2)

IMG_20150829_145451 (2)And here I hit the Stanley Market. It’s a beautiful place to simply walk around. You can buy some knick-knacks from its bustling open air market or sip on some coffee at one of the cafes along the breezy seaside strip

IMG_20150829_161229 (2)Soak up the sun in your bathing suit at this crescent-shaped stretch called the Repulse Bay. With it’s resort-like feel, you’d surely feel the urge to spend some quiet time here

IMG_20150829_155533 (2)The traditional Chinese-style club house at Repluse Bay is decorated swirling dragon

IMG_20150829_202956 (2)At one of the nightclubs in Lan Kwai Fong – the most popular nightlife hotspot in Hong Kong

IMG_20150831_080448Yum Cha is an elaborate meal Hongkongers have with their friends and family. A wide variety of delicious and steaming hot dimsum dishes are served with warm Chinese tea. I had one at Ming Garden Restaurant 

IMG_20150831_111051 (2)Found these cute little Chinese munchkins at Golden Beach at Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun. With its clean water, beautiful fine sand and tropical trees, it makes for a perfect spot to sun bathe or  just relax at one of the shaded benches


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